we steal 'em for a moment... manage to make it look like a week...
and capture them with their people - living out loud!

For each participant, this graduate photo shoot experience includes:

pick your people.

( 8-12 ) ...it's a group of your senior buddies... a cheerleading squad... a lacrosse team... your camp cabin... the more the merrier!

coordinate your calendars.

we are shooting seasonally in Dallas, Nashville & Knoxville... to find out when we are in your city, contact us.

you will want to book early & have people work around THIS rather than try to have people fit THIS in. trust us, the miss out stress is lasting once the books arrive! once booked, the shoots last from 2-3 hours.

location options are endless.

iconic & unique locations around your spaces & places... we've also been known to rock a lakehouse–ranch or two... we scout 'em in advance... each trip is unique... lucky us!

secure your date.

the price is $600 per student. if you're interested in dates for your town or booking a time, feel free to give us a shout - contact us.