we have grown-up proud and humbled by the amazing people
that have touched our lives... and make it possible for us to do what we do.

as we're out capturing and celebrating relationships and lives well-lived, we want to be sure we're givin' back... takin' a minute to celebrate and capture the extraordinary people who have touched our hearts and our worlds and have given back more than their share.

so, as often as possible, we carve out some time to capture these souls who deserve our recognition, our praise, our  f o c u s.
these groups range from the united states military (especially veterans who have selflessly served us and this beautiful land) to casting for recovery (an outreach retreat program for women who are in various stages of battling or surviving cancer). because these people touch our hearts so strongly, and because you tend to think like us...

we thought you might be interested...

100,000 jobs.

may 2012

leading companies launched this effort in 2011... their mission: to hire 100,000 transitioning service members and military veterans by 2020 – believing that we owe our vets more than just gratitude – we owe them opportunities once they are home.

we are soooo on board with that!!! hire a vet – you only owe them... everything.


casting for recovery.

july 2012

talk about towing the line! this national organization hosts fly fishing retreats for women in various stages of battling or surviving cancer. they're invited to be absorbed by the outdoors – not their illness – and to focus their brain and their muscles on learning a new skill that stimulates rehab, recovery, and can provide supper! we were so touched by the strength and optimism of these women...

they have us hooked!


the childcare group.

sept 2013

these happy feet are a sure sign of big steps forward in dallas, tx! thanks to ccg, these precious little people are able to thrive in a safe, nurturing environment while their parents are at work or school. knowing their children's daycare is stable, parents are enabled and encouraged to progress at work and seek out continuing education opportunities.

hopefully, this can end the cycle of poverty in dallas – one family at a time. yes please!


casting for recovery.

july 2013

this summer, we were back on the banks with casting for recovery and another batch of beautiful, brave ladies!

with their heads high – hair or no – they held their rods with a firm grip and a light touch – just the way we want to hold them!  #cancersucks